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History (HIST)

HIST 115  History & Theory of Architecture - Islamic/Arab Civilizations  3 Credits  
Grade Mode: Standard Letter, Audit/Non Audit, Pass/Non Pass  
This course covers the methods and theories of Islamic civilizations that stretched from Spain to India. This course focusses on the architecture and decoration of the societies across this vast area, from the early centuries of Islam in the seventh century to present. It covers major architectural masterpieces and how they differed and changed with regards to their geographic locations, traditions, and how they developed. The course covers major monuments of the Umayyad, Abbasid, Tulunid, Fatimid, Samanid, Seljuk, Ghaznavids, Ayyubid, Mamluk, Ilkanid, Timurid, Ottoman, Safavid, Mughal and Modern periods.